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Individual Consulting Session:

In an individual consulting session, I meet with the artist to create a detailed plan of action for an upcoming record release. I often get a phone call around the time someone is finishing up recording and asking themselves, "So what do I do with this record now that I've made it?"

I love making records, but the part that comes next can be exciting too!

I do a lot of research before the session, spending time with the music, website, photos, bio, and other materials the artist is working with, in order to come into the session prepared with suggestions. I also do a lot of listening, assessing what each individual's needs and goals are, because everyone's are different. I'll recommend and connect the artist with appropriate publicists, radio promoters, and other allies. And we'll think outside the box, coming up with ideas and opportunities specific to their project.


A consulting session usually feels like a great brainstorming meeting that ends with a laid-out plan for how to proceed intelligently toward what you want with what you've got. 

Project Management and Ongoing Consulting:


When I work with bands and artists on an extended basis, I provide project management, team management, and ongoing consulting.


Each artist has their own specific goals, so we sit down and identify those goals so I can help you move toward them. The needs of every project are different, so nothing I do is cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. I make it my job to be flexible and responsive and support each person in the particular areas they want my help. 

I manage the record release process, put together a team for the release campaign, and coordinate the creation of photos, videos, and other content. 

Project management: coordinating ideal release campaign timing, identifying best marketing opportunities, consulting on image, materials, online presence and social media.


Team management: handling of team building (finding publicist, distributor, graphic designers, bio writers, photographers, video directors, whatever is needed), and then working with and keeping on top of team members throughout the campaign. Being the "Point Person" for your publicist and other team members on a daily basis throughout the campaign to assess progress and keep things moving forward.


Budget management: Consulting to make the best use of your budget, finding worthwhile opportunities within your price range, and steering you away from unnecessary/extraneous expenses.


Throughout the process, I'll be looking out for you to make sure you're getting the most out of your record release and moving toward achieving your goals.  


Additional services may include:


  • Focused social media management. Coordinating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud accounts, creating branded themes for these pages so they really represent the artist, with profile and header images, bios, links, etc. Building fanbase through targeted social media marketing and ads. 

  • Setting up other marketing opportunities such as Noisetrade. Managing marketing campaigns and acquisition of new fan emails.

  • Managing your email list and keeping your fanbase excited about your music and activities via engaging monthly emails.

  • Managing and advising on crowdfunding campaigns – timeline, outreach, materials.

  • Submitting applications for festival showcases at SXSW, AmericanaFest, Folk Alliance International, and/or other genre-appropriate festivals and conferences.

  • Coaching on how to submit to music supervisors for sync licensing opportunities in tv, film, and advertising.

  • Working together to create a unique brand that sets you apart, with great and consistent images and vibe.

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