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"When I first sat down with Charlie Faye for a consulting session, I'd been playing and recording for over a decade and had 3 albums under my belt. Within minutes, she'd given me advice and pointers that helped me understand where I'd been missing my mark, even as I'd grown a fan base and critical acclaim. How was I making the same mistakes I'd kept promising I'd avoid next time? These are hard days for an independent artist, and most of us just don't know how to line everything up just right. It's an industry where everything changes at a mile a minute, and so many great artists are out there making memorable music while getting lost in the shuffle and losing their money in the game. Charlie is one of the few who's been out there and done it, and understands how all works. It's quite a blessing she's sharing her knowledge with others." - Colin Gilmore

"Charlie Faye is a rare artist with great business sense, so in working with her you get her organic understanding of the arts and artists, plus her left brain instinct about how to put two and two together to give your music a chance to succeed!” - Amelia White

Charlie knows the music business inside and out and has worked many years on the creative and business sides of the industry. She has been my go-to person more than a few times for questions about the business side of things, which, like many musicians, is not my strong suit. She has helped me get involved with Folk Alliance and SXSW and draft letters to industry folks to help further my career. She is the absolute first person I reach out to for my music business needs and questions, and any artist could benefit greatly from working with her.

- Barbara Nesbitt

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